Conquest 101 — Lanes, Roles, Jungle Camp Timers (Season 1)

lanes-roles-camp-timersWhere is the duo lane? What is the Jungler supposed to do? When exactly does Gold Fury respawn?

This guide lays out the fundamentals for playing SMITE’s Conquest game mode, providing handy, illustrated overviews for each of the different lanes (including map orientation), roles and their respective tasks, and the respawn timers as well as gold and experience gain for each jungle camp.

Editor’s Note
This guide is outdated. Please view the article Conquest 101 — An Overview of the Roles, Lanes, and Jungle Camp Timers for the updated version fit for Season 2.


Titan (Order) Minotaur (Chaos)
Order Side (Titan) Chaos Side (Minotaur)
Lanes Duo Left (Order) Lanes Duo Right (Chaos)


Position Common
Tasks and Objectives Starter Difficulty
ApolloAD Carry Duo lane Hunter icon_bullet2Farm duo lane in solitude in early to mid game to quickly get late-game build online
icon_bullet2Carry team late game in team fights
icon_bullet2Split-push lanes (towers, phoenixes)
icon_bullet2Help secure Gold Fury and Fire Giant
2 Stars
ThorJungler Jungle
(area between lanes)
Assassin icon_bullet2Farm the jungle and leech off mid and solo lanes
icon_bullet2Rotate between lanes and support with timely ganks (while prioritizing solo lane in very early game)
icon_bullet2Secure jungle buff camps (especially Mid Harpies) together with team for shared camp experience and gold (Bumba’s Mask)
icon_bullet2Initiate team fights or finish off weak opponents
5 Stars
JanusMid Middle lane Mage icon_bullet2Farm middle lane and keep tabs on enemy rotations (crossing middle lane)
icon_bullet2Secure right Mid Harpies with teammates (Jungler, Solo)
icon_bullet2Rotate to lanes for ganks, team fights, or objectives
3 Stars
ChaacSolo Solo lane Mage, Warrior, Assassin icon_bullet2Farm solo lane and counterbuild against enemy Solo
icon_bullet2Rotate for securing or stealing Mid Harpies in early to mid game
icon_bullet2Push solo lane in order to be freer for rotations
1 Star
GebSupport Every lane (starts in duo lane) Guardian, Warrior icon_bullet2Do everything to get teammates ahead
icon_bullet2Leech from middle lane and jungle for farm and control the time spent in duo lane
icon_bullet2Assist lanes in need of help and give support in team fights
icon_bullet2Help secure and steal Mid Harpies, Gold Fury, Fire Giant or buff camps (often using timely HOG3s)
4 Stars
Conquest 101 For a comprehensive guide on the different starting positions and openings in Conquest (including map illustrations), see the article Conquest 101 — Starting Positions for Every Role.

Jungle Camp Timers

Camp Timers
Damage, Mana, Speed Buff
Damage, Mana, Speed Buff
icon_bullet2Buff camps respawn every 4 minutes
icon_bullet2Buffs last for 2 minutes each
icon_bullet2Dropped buffs stay on ground for only 30 seconds until they vanish
icon_bullet2Clearing a buff camp gives 91 gold and 229 experience in total
Harpies map icon
Mid Harpies
icon_bullet2Mid Harpies respawn every 3 minutes
icon_bullet2Clearing Mid Harpies gives 90 gold and 280 experience in total
Harpies map icon
Back Harpies
icon_bullet2Back Harpies respawn every 1:40 minutes
icon_bullet2Clearing Back Harpies gives 71 gold and 184 experience in total
Gold Fury map icon
Gold Fury (GF)
icon_bullet2Gold Fury respawns every 5 minutes
icon_bullet2Securing Gold Fury gives 300 gold and 200 experience to each team member
Fire Giant map icon
Fire Giant (FG)
icon_bullet2Fire Giant respawns every 5 minutes (Note: FG spawns 10 minutes into match for first time)
icon_bullet2Securing Fire Giant gives 150 gold and 200 experience to each team member, as well as the Fire Giant buff to each team member alive at time of its defeat
icon_bullet2Fire Giant Buff lasts for 4 minutes
Note: Barring Fire Giant, jungle camps spawn 10 seconds into the match for the very first time (i.e., the match clock is indicating 00:10 and ticking forwards).

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