Conquest 101 — The Hunter Builds in a Nutshell (Season 1)

artemisThe purpose of any hunter build is to do high damage while providing some utility on the side.

We provide an accessible overview of the current most prominent hunter builds.

This guide is outdated! Please view Conquest 101 — The Season 2 Hunter Builds in a Nutshell for the up-to-date version.

SMITE Hunter Builds


It makes sense to think of the classic crit, “Zapacorn,” and “Pegasus” build as one single, modular build that allows for various pathways down the build chain. This idea is illustrated as such in the overview.

In terms of starter items the following is worth mentioning:

  • At the beginning of the game the hunter in the duo lane starts out with Death’s Toll, Spiked Gauntlet, and a health potion.
  • Ideally, the hunter returns to base for the first time with 1400 gold in hand in order to finish rushing Devourer’s Gauntlet and begin stacking.
  • After completing Warrior Tabi he has various options as to how to develop his item build further (e.g., classic crit build or “Zapacorn”).
  • In any case, Death’s Toll is eventually sold in the late game for a proper sixth item.

For an in-depth statistical analysis of the potent hunter builds (in terms of DPS), see Krett’s video Hunter Build Breakdown: Crit vs Pegasus vs Zapacorn.


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