Zapman Talks Hou Yi, the New Hunter God (Video)

Hou YiHou Yi, the new hunter, was met with mixed reviews due to a steep learning curve and atypical kit. Zapman comes to the rescue.

In his new video Zapman shares early insights into this difficult-to-master Chinese hunter. We have also summed up Zapman’s thoughts on the new god in compact text form.

Video (35 min)


Hou Yi has very high damage and turn-around potential, but he also comes with an equally high skill cap (his Ricochet is one of the most difficult skill shots in the game) as well as a really weak early laning phase.

  • Hou Yi works best with a punishing support that has enough lane presence (Ymir, Sylvanus, etc.) to give Hou Yi the time and breathing room to set up his Ricochet shot.
  • Despite its overall high build cost Zapman likes to go with the “Pegasus” build on Hou Yi. Rage and Deathbringer work great in tandem with Hou Yi’s Mark of the Golden Crow (2). The penetration his 2 gives at maximum rank also makes Titan’s Bane wholly unnecessary on this god.
  • In general Zapman’s leveling priorities with Hou Yi are 1 > 2 > 4 > 3. Hou Yi shines the most when maxing out his 2 after his 1.
  • At around level 7 Hou Yi can one-shoot archers with a bouncing shot using Ricochet (1). The problem lies in getting close enough to bank the shot properly. The ideal wave clear shot would be to hit the melee creeps and bank it off the wall to score the archers in the back as well. Hou Yi always wants to bounce these kinds of shots off the outer wall of the duo lane which is less curved than the inner one, making the shot therefore more reliable to set up. Such a bouncing shot is only practical if Hou Yi is given enough time in the lane to set up the shot properly.
  • Hou Yi’s Ricochet (1) allows for blitz-fast jungle clearing even at the start of the match. It also has insane turn-around potential when boxing enemy gods (especially near walls) if the shot is bounced off properly. In the video Zapman demonstrates how to angle the shot with each of the buff camps and, at the end of the video, even the enemy titan itself.
  • Mark of the Golden Crow (2) increases Hou Yi’s damage by a lot. It also procs through walls. With the ground indicator of his 2 ready for highlighting targets, Hou Yi can effectively tell if a target comes around a corner. Furthermore, marked targets with Hou Yi’s 2 at rank 3 are revealed to him on the minimap. And applying Mark of the Golden Crow (2) onto Loki — or any other god with stealth abilities for that matter — wholly reveals him to Hou Yi.
  • Hou Yi is an easy-to-kill target. Before landing when using Divebomb (3), this sky escape forces him to hover still in the air for half a second — effectively a hard tell for the enemy to ready their abilities. And the travel speed during Divebomb is not much faster than Hou Yi’s normal walking speed (cf. Rama’s or Apollo’s dash).

For more Zapman, see also his Twitch Twitch channel.


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