Conquest 101 — An Overview of the Roles, Lanes, and Jungle Camp Timers (Season 2)

roles-lanes-timersConquest is complex: Where is the duo lane, what is the Jungler supposed to do, when exactly does Gold Fury respawn?

This guide lays out the core basics for playing Season 2 Conquest. It provides an overview of the different roles and their respective tasks, and offers annotated minimaps for the lanes and jungle camp timers. Updated for Combo Breaker patch.

Editor’s Note
This guide has been updated to account for the changes introduced with the Combo Breaker patch. This concerns the Jungle Camp Timers section of the article.


There are five dedicated roles in Conquest, each with their own individual tasks, objectives, default position on the map, as well as general difficulty level for beginner players. Some character classes are more suited to filling specific roles than others.

Role Position Common
Tasks and Objectives Starter Difficulty
ApolloAD Carry Duo lane Hunter icon_bullet2Carries the team in late game with high-damage build
icon_bullet2Can split-push lanes very effectively
icon_bullet2Watches over Gold Fury together with Support
icon_bullet2Plays integral role in helping secure main objectives like Gold Fury and Fire Giant
icon_bullet2Mostly dedicated to farming duo lane in early to mid game to get build online as quickly as possible
2 Stars
ThorJungler Jungle
(area between lanes)
Assassin icon_bullet2Orchestrates especially the early and mid game with timely ganks and rotations
icon_bullet2Secures jungle buff camps together with allies for shared experience and gold
icon_bullet2Helps secure Mid Harpies together with Mid and Support
icon_bullet2Can initiate teamfights
icon_bullet2Farms the jungle and leeches off mid and solo lanes
5 Stars
JanusMid Middle lane Mage icon_bullet2Serves as link between the side lanes and can rotate quickly for engagements on either side
icon_bullet2Keeps taps on enemy rotations crossing middle lane
icon_bullet2Helps secure Mid Harpies together with Jungler and Support
icon_bullet2Farms middle lane
3 Stars
ChaacSolo Solo lane Mage, Warrior, Assassin icon_bullet2Pushes solo lane to be free for rotations and objectives and counterbuilds against enemy team composition
icon_bullet2Can sometimes rotate for securing Mid Harpies
icon_bullet2Can initiate teamfights
icon_bullet2Can split-push lanes
icon_bullet2Farms solo lane
1 Star
GebSupport Every lane (starts in duo lane) Guardian, Warrior icon_bullet2Assists allies in peril, covers lanes, and is the main initiator in teamfights
icon_bullet2Plays integral role in securing and stealing Gold Fury and Fire Giant (using Wrath of the Gods)
icon_bullet2Helps secure Mid Harpies together with Mid and Jungler
icon_bullet2Gives close assistance to AD Carry in duo lane at beginning of match
icon_bullet2Farms the jungle and leeches off duo and middle lane (while controlling time spent in duo lane)
4 Stars


There are three lanes in Conquest. The area in-between the lanes is called the Jungle. Teams are either assigned Chaos or Order side and this directly affects map orientation. The middle lane is always located at the center of the map. The duo lane is situated on the Gold Fury side; it is also called the long lane since its tier-one towers are farther apart from each other. By contrast, the solo lane is located on the Fire Giant side; it is also known as the short lane because its tier-one towers are closer to each other.

s2-lanes-order  s2-lanes-chaos

Jungle Camp Timers

All jungle camps spawn for the first time at the 10-second mark except for Fire Giant (10-minute mark). Depending on the type, camps respawn periodically at different time intervals. A timer icon (pie chart) indicating when the camp is going to respawn appears on the minimap only for the team who manages to take down that camp.

Attack Speed, Damage, Mana, Speed
icon_bullet2Attack speed and mana camp respawn every 3 minutes
icon_bullet2Damage and speed camp respawn every 4 minutes
icon_bullet2Defeating the big creep drops a buffs which lasts for 2 minutes when picked up
icon_bullet2Dropped buffs stay on ground for 30 seconds until they disappear
icon_bullet2Clearing a buff camp yields 91 gold and 229 XP in total
Harpies map icon
Mid Harpies
icon_bullet2Mid Harpies respawn every 3 minutes
icon_bullet2Clearing Mid Harpies yields 90 gold and 220 XP in total
Harpies map icon
Back Harpies
icon_bullet2Back Harpies respawn every 1:20 minutes (80 seconds)
icon_bullet2Clearing Back Harpies yields 71 gold and 170 XP in total
Gold Fury map icon
Gold Fury (GF)
icon_bullet2Gold Fury respawns every 5 minutes
icon_bullet2Securing Gold Fury yields a certain amount of gold and XP to each team member dead or alive
icon_bullet2The value of the Gold Fury kill scales team gold starting at 150 and gaining +10 per minute of game time to a maximum of 350.
icon_bullet2The value of the Gold Fury kill scales team XP starting at 100 and gaining +10 per minute of game time to a maximum of 250.
Fire Giant map icon
Fire Giant (FG)
icon_bullet2Fire Giant spawns for first time at 10-minute mark
icon_bullet2Fire Giant respawns every 5 minutes
icon_bullet2Securing Fire Giant yields 150 gold and 200 XP to each team member dead or alive, and grants the Fire Giant buff to each team member alive at time of its defeat
icon_bullet2Fire Giant Buff lasts for 4 minutes

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