AD Carry Tier List for June

adc-tier-list-juneNeith rocks every lane. Apollo is back again. Mages have no game.

This tier list has the AD Carries, with focus on the duo lane, ranked for the month solely according to in-game data drawn from SMITE’s Masters League.

icon_new Ratatoskr New. These characters have recently been released and are still automatically banned from ranked or competitive play.
icon_ss — Empty — Overpowered. These characters are inherently unbalanced and have the innate ability to carry alone on any team.
icon_splus — Empty — Top-tier. These characters shape and dictate the meta and are first pick, first ban material.
icon_s Neith Strong. These characters are slightly above the normal power level and make team compositions most of the time.
icon_a Xbalanque Apollo Rama Anhur Medusa Ullr Chronos Cupid Balanced. These characters are the focal point of balance and see regular play.
icon_b  Hou Yi AMC Artemis Loki Situational. These characters are not viable in every situation and generally serve as counterpicks, comfort picks, or support picks.
icon_c — Empty — Weak. These characters rarely see play and generally require a whole team composition built around them to function.
icon_d Freya Unviable. These characters are too weak to see play even in the hands of masters and with the right team composition.
Notes icon_bullet2This tier list provides a snapshot of the current AD Carry meta, with focus on the duo lane, using in-game data only (as opposed to opinion-based tier lists). The characters are ranked solely on the basis of their pick and ban percentages in SMITE’s Conquest Masters League (thanks to Grappul).
icon_bullet2As to the tier list’s structure, there are overall seven tiers the characters are divided up in — from D (worst) to SS (best) —  after a popular fashion in fighting games. To give some perspective, each tier sports a compact description outlining in more general terms what each tier is about and which characters are generally to be found in each tier.
icon_bullet2Important to note, in each tier the characters appear, with their respective portrait, in order from most to least picked and banned, from left to right.

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