Conquest 101 — The New Combo Breaker Openings

combo-breaker-openingsThe new Combo Breaker starts are usually safer, more XP and gold efficient, but also more difficult to execute.

This guide breaks down the new starts from the Combo Breaker patch with annotated mini-maps, walkthroughs, as well as commentary.

Reverse Blue Opening
ADC Support Jungler Mid Solo
order-3-player-right-left order-3-player-right-right
1ADC and Support clear Back Harpies.
2ADC and Support clear Attack Speed Camp. ADC picks up Buff. ADC and Support enter Duo Lane (Duo Laning Phase begins).
icon_3(Optional) With Duo Lane being pushed, ADC and Sup may join Jungler and Mid to clear Damage Buff Camp and Back Harpies.
1Jungler, Mid and Solo clear Mana Buff Camp. Solo picks up Buff and enters Solo Lane (Solo Laning Phase begins).
2Jungler and Mid clear Speed Buff Camp. Jungle picks up Buff. Jungler and Mid enter Mid Lane (Mid Laning Phase begins).
icon_3After pushing first wave Jungler and Mid try to secure both Mid Harpy Camps (right ones first). Warning: Opponent may contest.
4After pushing Jungler and Mid clear Damage Buff Camp and Back Harpies, where ADC and Support may join them. Mid picks up Buff.
icon_bullet2A weaker but safer start for Duo compared to the standard opening (see guide). In case of an invade Duo can simply retreat from Back Harpies back to tower. Later Duo can meet up with the rest of the team for clearing the entire Back Jungle including Red Buff. Needs a Support or ADC with potent level-one clear (whoever gets to enter duo lane first has the advantage irrespective of clear). This opening also works well on the Chaos side. icon_bullet2A strong start that puts Mid ahead at the cost of Solo. Very safe against invades at Blue or Speed. Solo gets to lane almost immediately for a fast, early push, with the option of doing right Back Harpies immediately afterwards. Mid gets Red Buff in time for the Mid Harpies fight. Needs a well-coordinated Mid and Jungler with potent early clear (Red Pot start is a viable option for Junglers now). This opening also works brilliantly on the Chaos side (see image).
Mid Harpies Opening
Jungler Solo ADC Mid Support
chaos-left chaos-duo-Mid-Harpies-start
1Jungler and Solo clear Speed Buff Camp. Jungler picks up Buff.
2Jungler and Solo clear Mana Buff Camp. Solo picks up Buff. Jungle and Solo enter Solo Lane (Solo Laning Phase begins).
1ADC, Mid and Support clear right Mid Harpies. Support leaves early to go start clearing Attack Buff Camp. Mid enters Mid Lane (Mid Laning Phase begins).
2ADC and Support clear Attack Speed Camp. ADC picks up Buff. ADC and Support enter Duo Lane (Duo Laning Phase begins).
icon_3With lanes being pushed, ADC, Mid and Support clear Damage Buff Camp and Back Harpies. Red picks up Buff.
icon_bullet2The classic Season 2 opening on this side of the map of which there exist many variations (see guide). For instance, the three-camp variation starts with Back Harpies (on top of the other camps) to play it safe against potential invades or to gain some extra gold and XP due to strong early clear. The Jungler doesn’t have to enter the Solo lane and can instead start leeching in Mid, then do left Mid Harpies and Back Harpies with Mid. icon_bullet2A farm-efficient opening very reminiscent of Season 1 (see guide). It allows Mid to enter lane almost immediately and propels him to level 5 or 6 about 2 minutes into the game (if Back Harpies are done accordingly). Mid won’t get Red right away but will have it up in time for the Mid Harpies fight. The opening does require a higher level of technical execution and coordination between the players especially at Mid Harpies.

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