Apollo AD Carry Guide (Zapman Build)

Apollo may no longer be overpowered, but he is still a strong pick and ever-omnipresent threat. This updated god guide introduces Apollo as a character, goes over various aspects of Zapman’s build, and details how games progress with the God of Music. Advertisements

Ullr AD Carry Guide (New Zapman Build)

Ullr still stands strong in the meta despite various hunter nerfs in Season 2. This updated god guide introduces Ullr as a character, goes over all aspects of Zapman’s new Fatalis build, and details how games progress with the God of Glory.

Zapman Talks Hou Yi, the New Hunter God (Video)

Hou Yi, the new hunter, was met with mixed reviews due to a steep learning curve and atypical kit. Zapman comes to the rescue. In his new video Zapman shares early insights into this difficult-to-master Chinese hunter. We have also summed up Zapman’s thoughts on the new god in compact text form.

Chaac AD Carry Guide (Zapman Build)

Chaac, the Lane Bully. Duo-lane Chaac is an experiment to attack the Conquest meta from a new angle. Chaac purposes to stall out the duo lane, putting the enemy Carry more and more behind. For a bruiser he has just the perfect kit for bullying the lane: his passive and a healing ability for high amounts of sustain; his axe throw as both great…

Chronos AD Carry Guide (Zapman Build)

Chronos, the Hyper Carry Oddball. Only in the secluded duo lane is Chronos given the necessary time and space to get his early and mid game going. Save for his Ultimate, Chronos’ kit is that of a hyper carry, sporting low-cooldown burst, hard crowd control (stun), and a potent steroid ability to power up his auto-attacks. In the late game…

Freya AD Carry Guide (Zapman Build)

Freya, Ms. Pentakill. Freya is infamous for her unrivaled boxing potential. As AD Carry, she is given enough farm time in the duo lane to get her build going even when being played from behind. Strong in the mid to late phases of the game, Freya can easily outbox multiple opponents at once with her over-the-top, hyper-carry kit — no…

Loki AD Carry Guide (Zapman Build)

Loki, the Assassin Carry. Loki as AD Carry brings a completely different play style to the duo lane. In lieu of a hunter’s sustain, Loki possesses high single-target damage and is capable of erasing designated targets, even those located in the backlines. Loki is an expert at bullying lanes and his mere presence on the battlefield gravely impacts how…