Commentary on the Combo Breaker Patch

With the Combo Breaker patch Hi-Rez aims to shake up the Conquest meta in a big way. For better or for worse? This article provides an extensive commentary as well as bits of feedback on the major gameplay changes brought to Conquest with the latest patch.

SMITE Dictionary: Season 2 Update

The Season 2 changes are finally upon us. We have updated the SMITE Dictionary accordingly to account for the Season 2 changes. The formatting also received some polish so that entries with multiple definitions are more readable. Happy browsing!

Zapman Talks Hou Yi, the New Hunter God (Video)

Hou Yi, the new hunter, was met with mixed reviews due to a steep learning curve and atypical kit. Zapman comes to the rescue. In his new video Zapman shares early insights into this difficult-to-master Chinese hunter. We have also summed up Zapman’s thoughts on the new god in compact text form.

God Guides Overhauled!

With the brand-new Freya AD Carry Guide we have redefined how god guides are going to look like on Smite Academy going forward, making them overall much more accessible. This has also given us the opportunity to revisit the other guides to give them a good whipping. We hope you enjoy the overhauled Loki and Rama ADC guides!

SMITE Dictionary Released!

Much toil went into our latest project, a comprehensive Smite glossary purposed to help with the oftentimes esoteric Smite lingo. The first edition of the SMITE Dictionary (also linked in the top navbar of the site) is now out, and it currently features more than 300 entries on “SMITE-specific terminology, abbreviations, chat shorthands, as well as MOBA lingo.”